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Treatment process

  • First, the leg length and shoulder height differences are measured. I also determine the position and curvature of the spine.

  • Then I do the energy transfer and treatment on the couch. The erection takes a few seconds and is painless.

  • After straightening up, I measure the changes and the new originally intended order becomes immediately visible.

  • This is followed by an energetic treatment to support the new flow of energy. There is a free flow of energy through the body, as the mental and spiritual blockages have been loosened.

  • The client remains in clothing during the entire treatment.

Remote treatment

It is important to know that online treatment is just as effective as treatment in my practice.


  • Please choose an appointment where you can take your time and be undisturbed for the treatment.

  • The treatment appointment runs via Zoom-Call, Skype or telephone (please specify when booking).

  • Your appointment time is 45 minutes. This time includes a conversation with you, the healing treatment, energy transfer and treatment of your specific topics.

  • It would be good if you had a cozy place to lie down on site.

  • Allow yourself at least an hour of rest after the treatment.

  • Including: Remote treatment (offline) in the following week. After the treatment you will receive an energized strength bracelet and a healing card from me.

  • After booking, you will promptly receive a personal reply email with your appointment confirmation and all the details for your treatment.

  • Price for the remote treatment: adult: SFr 175.- / € 160.-


TV report "Healers on the test stand" with the author Pjotr Elkunoviz

Increased energy balance and chakra balance measured with a TimeWaver information field analysis

before the treatment                                                      after the treatment


Improvement of the bio-photon radiation measured with Kirlian photography

before treatment                                                                   after treatment


The human consciousness receives the straightening of the spine in seconds and without body contact. A visible expression is the correction of the pelvic inclination and the leg length.

before treatment                                                               after treatment



You may be wondering what else makes my treatment unique.

Here are a few points that make me different:


  • Worldwide network of experts, including:


A pain coach who has helped more than 10,000 clients to get rid of their pain with his methods for 16 years.


Another back healer who 10 years ago all the medical warnings had treated to spite his back pain with an ancient method of healing itself and thus successfully escaped a highly risky surgery and has now achieved self-healing results 3370 detectable by its treatment method.


A back expert who got herself out of the wheelchair and now helps others to do the same or prevent the wheelchair.

  • missing piece of the mosaic in the back therapy:


Detensor traction mat that has been used hundreds of thousands of times around the world for 42 years . Used, among other things, in Russian space travel for anti-gravity therapy, in rehabilitation clinics, practices and valued daily by top athletes. Competitive athletes, who should have quit competitive sport after back operations according to conservative criteria, were able to reach the top of the world again thanks to the use of the mat. The ingenious and simple solution to keep your back healthy and elastic for a lifetime.

Since the beginning of its use, 158 scientific articles have been published on studies carried out and since 1993, 12 doctoral theses have been written and published by doctors on the possible uses of the detensor method at international universities.


  • Information medicine and digital homeopathy:


Through the use of energy and information medicine (Kirlian photography GDV BioWell) and digital homeopathy ( based on the basics of biorhythm, numerology, bioresonance and radionics), I offer the additional often desired support in the cause analysis in emotional and deep-seated topics. The use of technology can be just as effective as taking several gramms of homeopathic globules every day.


The heavy patterns cannot be resolved and the burden is still on your shoulders.

You are missing out on this unique all-encompassing energy kick in your life.


Now arrive at yourself - and go through life honestly and unencumbered.

Enjoy life with a stronger awareness and backbone.


Book your desired date today or give me a call.


Original healing

"I would like to create a healing environment together with the clients and promote an open, new health awareness."

The straightening of the spine is a great gift for mankind. I got to know the method "by chance" and since my treatment three years ago I have understood that the subtle-energetic blockages had a greater impact on me than I could ever imagine at the time. I am still deeply thankful for it every day.


Spiritual Realignment® does not represent any religion and is not bound to any religion. Spiritual straightening means spiritual liberation, which means to rise above the structures of the world religions. It does not matter what ailments or illnesses the individual has, what religion he belongs to and whether he is a believer at all.


Spiritual healing is not work in the medical sense, but a spiritual process. On the part of the spiritual healer, no healing promises are made and no diagnoses are made. Spiritual healing therefore does not replace medical treatment in the event of mental or physical illness or suspicion of such.


Spiritual Realignment® differs fundamentally from offers from third-party providers and should not be confused with them. Geistige Aufricht® is a licensed brand by Toskar. This term was first developed and used by Carolin and Alexander Toskar. It serves to identify the original healing method.