Marco G. Brodbeck

Hitzkirchstrasse 6

CH-6027 Römerswil



Habitat & Health


More energy & space for growth

Electrobiology - Regeneration - GDV BioWell - The Spiritual Realignment ®


  • Electrosmog measurements, measurement specialist in electrobiology

  • Bioelectrography specialist, GDV BioWell, Kirlian Technologie

  • Craniosacral therapist (iA)

  • Holistic healing treatments with Spiritual Realignment ®

  • ioair room air optimization, oxygen activation, germ reduction

  • Pie Detention Sion lying systems, self-regulation by body weight, back Thera


Geistige Aufrichtung® differs fundamentally from offers from third-party providers and should not be confused with them. The Spiritual Realignment® is a licensed brand by Toskar. This name was first developed and used by Carolin and Alexander Toskar. It serves to identify the original healing method.

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