"For me, energetic straightening of the spine is the supreme discipline and the basis for health."

Since childhood I have had a great passion for science and all knowledge about the earth and the universal. Inspired by my interests, I focused on my early professional career in surveying technology. After studying engineering, I worked in this field for several years. I then decided to use my technical and scientific flair more in connection with the people in the center .


I have devoted myself to holistic and holistic therapy methods 100% intensively for 9 years as a part-time job and for a year and invested over 3,700 hours in knowledge acquisition and training.


Since my job originally comes from measurement technology, it is important for me to deliver measurable results. For a long time I only had access to the material world and was not aware that the subtle-energetic segment has so much influence on our health. That this is the case, I can show measurably at any time.


About Marco G. Brodbeck

  • 1985               Born and raised in Bern, Switzerland

  • 2006 - 2009   study of geomatic engineering, University of Applied Sciences Muttenz

  • 2017 - 2022   Craniosacral Therapy, Naturopath School Ebikon

  • 2018               course in natural regeneration, ZEB Retschwil

  • 2019               Spiritual Realignment®, Toskar Healing

  • 2019               Measurement specialist for electrobiology and natural regeneration, ZEB Retschwil

  • 2020               Opening of my naturopathic practice in Römerswil, Lucerne

  • 2020               Bioelectrography Specialist, GDV BioWell, Kirlian Technologie, L1 Practitioner, Hesham Sami



Icelandic: human dignity


I'm a big fan of Iceland and Norse mythology.

Since my last trip to Iceland in 2018, my work has been under the sacred word of blessing Mannhelgi .

' Man ': The Man rune or Algiz rune stands for sincerity and life. This is also reflected in my logo.


' Mannhelgi ', which means 'human dignity' in German, is important to me and a matter of concern. Many people are insecure and are looking for support and health. In an ideal world, people are viewed and treated in their entirety. It is time for realignment of the humanity.

Book tip:

A new dimension in spiritual healing according to the spiritual healer Pjotr ​​Elkunoviz

Alexander Toskar

224 pages